Vehicles: Importers Crying Foul

10 years, 2 months ago - 10 January 2013, The Défi Media Group
Vehicles: Importers Crying Foul
The Department of Commerce has implemented a upward revision of tariffs for the import of reconditioned vehicles. Imported Vehicles Dealers in the Association did not understand.

Since January 1, the cost to import, without an import permit, a vehicle reconditioned Japan increased from Rs 100,000 to Rs 120,000. The import of such a vehicle, always without an import permit from a country other than Japan has experienced an increase of Rs 10,000 from Rs 60,000 to well.

Zaid Ameer, president of Imported Vehicles Dealers in Association (Diva), explains that the difference between the Rs 60,000 price for a vehicle from Japan and the other countries followed a measure put in place after the Fukushima: "After the disaster, some vehicles from Japan have been contaminated by radioactivity and had to return to Japan. So there was a concern about the party would be responsible for paying the freight for re-export of these vehicles. Hence the fact that an additional sum was required for vehicles from Japan. '

If it is on this understanding, Zaid Ameer did not understand why the authorities charge a fee of Rs 120,000 for the importation of a vehicle without a certificate of conformity (radioactivity), Japan. For him, it is unfair because it does not import permit to bring a vehicle from Japan, an importer already paying Rs 120 000: "If the importer does not permit import and if the vehicle arrives without a certificate of conformity concerning radioactivity, it will pay costs Rs 240,000. And the height, if not Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate, is that an additional amount is added. '

Commenting on the import permit, Zaid Ameer denounced the "rogue agents" who are losing huge sums of money to individuals who import their vehicles: "Very often these scammers disappear with some of the money they was given by one person. And when the vehicle arrives, these poor people find themselves forced to pay large sums for their vehicles arrived without import permits and others. "He proposes that individual importers can benefit from an import permit, even if it serves them once.

The licenses of dealers has also increased from Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. Again, the Diva does not understand the reasons for the increase. "The sale of second-hand vehicles imported declined drastically and the new vehicles has increased. Today, the trend has been reversed. In 2012, only 5,500 vehicles were sold second hand, while the number of new vehicles sold was more than 10,000. In addition, the number of car dealers second hand is also a past forty to about 65. We do not understand this rate increase for our license, "says Zaid Ameer.