Second Hand Car Import: Government Has Sounded Alarm

10 years, 9 months ago - 15 June 2012, The Défi Media Group
Second Hand Car Import: Government Has Sounded Alarm
The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection is launching a warning to those who are used to import second-hand vehicles as they hold no license for it.

The ministry, headed by Cader Sayed-Hossen, end up with numerous complaints from people who have used agents to import their vehicles. Throughout this situation, Dealers in Imported Vehicles Association (DIVA) does not understand why the authorities refuse to implement the measures it advocates to stop the activities of some agents, which often disappear with the money their customers.

Several customers wishing to offer a second-hand vehicle imported complained to the Ministry of Commerce against the 'pseudo agents, to whom they have trusted. What prompted the Ministry of Commerce to launch a warning. He recalled that the import of second hand vehicles is governed by the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations. "Any person wishing to import a vehicle must submit an application for an import permit before the vehicle is shipped.

Only companies holding the required permits are allowed to import and offer for sale of second hand vehicles. The age of these vehicles at the time of shipment between 18 months and four years from the first record ... "

Accordind to Zaid Ameer , the President of the Dealers in Imported Vehicles, the troubles faced by some complainants can be avoided. "Just as the Ministry of Commerce put into practice the recommendations of the DIVA. All those who import vehicles should pay through a letter of credit. Avoid putting money to agents. We are in the presence of several cases where officers have disappeared in the wild with the money they were given. Some damaged vehicles also come in a poor condition and were simply retyped, "said the chairman of the DIVA. "It's not for nothing that the authorities grant licenses 'showroom' importers. "

In addition to the payment by letter of credit, Zaid Ameer lists two other proposals: that the government put in place a system whereby the potential buyer (who became an importer) pays Rs 25,000 for an import permit and he swears affidavit to certify that it has established all the contacts and he has resorted to any agent.

"The officers - some officials - should be avoided. As long as there are no officers, there will be no scam, " maintains Zaid Ameer.