Road Rage: Driving Licence Counterparts Distribution Monday

10 years, 4 months ago - 21 January 2013, The Défi Media Group
Road Rage: Driving Licence Counterparts Distribution Monday
The penalty points indeed a reality. The "Driving Licence Counterparts" will be distributed from Monday 21 January.

600.000 forms were printed. These documents are available in 21 stations in seven different areas of the country.

Now it Driving Licence Counterpart will be part of Driving Licence. According to figures of the Central Barracks, Mauritian about 500,000 licensed drivers.

A work schedule has been established and police proceed alphabetically. Whose name begins with the letters A and B may take possession of Counterpart Driving Licence Papers from Monday morning until 28 January 7:00 to 7:00 p.m.. , C to D, February 29 to 5, E to K from 6 to 17 February; L M February 18 to February 25, N to R from February 26 to March 7 and S to Z from 8 to 21 March.

Permit holders must bring their license and their national identity card, their birth certificate and proof of address. If the holder can not move, someone else can retrieve the Driving Licence Counterpart in place. Necessary documents, in these cases, are the national identity card of the person who will collect the permit and the national identity card holder and an original authorization letter written and signed by him. If the one who gets the Driving Licence Counterpart falls under the same alphabet, it may take more than four at a time. 

Others exceptional cases, for example, if a driver's license is suspended, may recover the Driving Licence Counterpart office of the Traffic Branch, after the suspension is lifted.  

Distribution will be every day, including weekends and holidays, between 7 and 19 hours. On weekdays, the Traffic Branch will be open for special cases during office hours. To know that this is free.