Accident: Five injured in Bamboo

11 years, 9 months ago - 8 June 2011
Accident: Five injured in Bamboo
An accident involving a truck and a bus carrying fifty students occurred on the main road at Bamboo on Tuesday.

Five people, students from College Notre Dame, were slightly injured. They were transported to the hospital for care and Candos could all go home.

From information obtained as the bus came from Quatre-Bornes was heading to the stadium where Comarmond Germain took place in sports. The truck was the same route. The bus driver told the police that his brakes failed and he lost control of his vehicle. However, he could control it and came to rest at the roadside.

The police went there and moved the vehicles blocking the road. Traffic returned to normal an hour after the accident. Having recorded their versions of events, both drivers were allowed to go home.