Accidents: several injured, including two policemen, during the weekend

11 years, 10 months ago - 23 May 2011
Accidents: several injured, including two policemen, during the weekend
The road still has several injured during the weekend. Three accidents were reported, two occurred in the north and the third at St. Julien during a cycling competition in Pamplemousses.

One participant, a man named Mawosa, lost control of his two wheels during the race and struck, head-on, a police motorcyclist. The latter controlled the traffic. The bicyclist and the officer were seriously injured and were transported to the hospital for care SSRN. Police Grapefruit has opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of this accident.

On the other hand, the constable Rajkoomar, assigned to the police station at Rivière-du-Rempart is also in the same hospital after an accident at Plaine-des-Papaya, Sunday evening. He was on the main road of the town when a car driven by a tourist, was struck. At last count, his health is considered stable, while the driver was questioned by police.

Also in the Saturday evening in St Julien, a car collided with a minivan. After a breath test, police realized that the driver had a very high rate of alcohol in the blood.

The accident Saturday night in St Julien could have consequences far more serious without the cold-blooded Deedarally Yassin, 36, driver of a van that was struck by a car driven by a man named Dinesh Aubeeluck age 21, making four injured. The breath test performed on the latter was positive, and according to investigators, he faces a charge in court.

As the two main protagonists are still in hospital, the police could still save their stories and establish the true circumstances of this accident. But already, the police is interested in certain events including the driver of the van carrying nine people, including two young children when, by law, he should travel with a maximum of eight passengers.

Moreover, some witnesses told police that Dinesh Aubeeluck was with three other people. They were in a trance and fled after the accident.

The two damaged vehicles were towed to the police station where they Lallmatie will be reviewed by the elements of the Scene Of Crime Officers (SOCO).

Saturday night, the family was en route to Camp Deedarally Mask after attending prayers at their relatives in New Discovery. Arriving at the height of St. Julien, Mosaheb Deedarally, father of the driver and passenger of the van claimed he saw a red car coming in the opposite direction when suddenly she went crashing against a handrail before to carry several tons on the road.

Seeing this scene, Yassin Deedarally has had the sense to stop short his vehicle, but unfortunately for him, the car came to rest against hers.

Witnesses said the young driver of the car and its occupants have subsequently fled, while volunteers have rescued the family Deedarally. Yassin has himself stuck between the dashboard and the seat. It was not until the arrival of firefighters who cut in front of the van to pull him out of this plight. Meanwhile, the SAMU emergency made several trips to transport the injured to hospital in Flacq.

According to the medical service, one of the wounded arm was broken, another a broken leg, the driver of the van, he has had multiple injuries, while Dinesh Aubeeluck suffers pain in the body.

The investigation is continuing under the supervision of Sergeant Joysuree.