Anil Bachoo asks the RDA for explanation

12 years, 8 months ago - 27 January 2011
Anil Bachoo asks the RDA for explanation
by Le Matinal
The background of this action of Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport is after wet Monday when the country was under heavy shower. Minister Anil Kumar Bachoo wants to know why the roads were flooded in the rainy period.


That is why he organise meeting on Tuesday in his office with Road Development Authority officials for an explanation as he had repeatedly given formal instructions to the department responsible for managing road infrastructure countries to take steps to avoid such situations.

After finding that flooded roads have been noted in Straws, Post de Flacq, Riche Mare, cited Hibiscus, Riviere du Rempart and in other parts of the country, the minister left hear his close associates that he has stoped to remind engineers and management of the RDA to take responsibility. He said he will not hesitate to give them a warning to take their responsibilities.

At the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transportation are questions about the ability of District Contractors (DC) to take their responsibilities to perform maintenance work brilliantly. The possibility that the department shall terminate the contract of a number of contractors should not be dismissed if it concludes that a lack of gravity characterizes this work.

Anil Bachoo has also managed a meeting inside DCs for explanations because it seems there would have been behind in a number of maintenance work. According to the Le Matinal, Anil Bachoo suggested to his aides that they would be without pity for those who do not comply with the provisions of their contracts.

A RDA official, explained that today there is no increase of water on main roads in the country. He said it was particularly in eastern countries that accumulations were noted on the roads.

"It must be said that these are things that do not very often. It rained heavily here and the drainage system took time to operate efficiently," he said. “This is not the fact that water is on the roads that cause accumulations of water but that which comes from outside," he says.

He added that the RDA is only responsible for passing the National Port Louis. "The cleaning of drains that is along the roads of the capital fell under the responsibility of the Municipality of Port Louis."