Rs 14.1 billion for road infrastructure

12 years, 7 months ago - 23 February 2011
Rs 14.1 billion for road infrastructure
by Le Matinal
Now the government is undertaking infrastructural projects costing over Rs 14.1 billion till 2013, said Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam at the opening of the Triolet Bypass. Prime Minister stated that these infrastructural projects are in line with the vision of transforming Mauritius into a ‘garden city state’.

He noted the development at the airport and other road developments at Goodlands Bypass, construction of the Pamplemousses-Forbach road, expansion of roads, ring road, construction of new road linking Phoenix to Beaux Songes and Dream Bridge among others.

Prime Minister declared that the government will spend on the infrastructural projects Rs 2.1 billion in 2011, Rs 5 billion in 2012 and Rs 7 billion in 2013.

The Mauritian government also solicited the Singaporean state to implement the light rail. Referring to his recent visit to Singapore, the Prime Minister stated that although Singapore is smaller than Mauritius, the country has roads with three to four lanes.

“The reason is simple. The Prime Minister of Singapore does not hesitate in taking land and removing obstacles as public interest comes first. However, in Mauritius, squatters do not hesitate to resort to justice even if the plot of land does not belong to them,” said Navin Ramgoolam.

The head of the government supposed that the Triolet Bypass project, which cost around Rs 225 million, was initiated in 2008. He congratulated the minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping, Anil Bachoo, for the work accomplished.

The Triolet Bypass, which was constructed to decongest the longest village of Mauritius, necessitated the construction of at least five roundabouts and pipelines.

The Prime Minister announced that he will intend to set up a training centre for car and heavy vehicle drivers and motorcyclists. Also training will be set for pedestrians.