The Prime Minister warned of the cost of higher oil prices

12 years, 7 months ago - 25 February 2011
The Prime Minister warned of the cost of higher oil prices
In his speech at the opening ceremony of a new widen road from Solitude in Trou aux Biches, Tuesday, February 22, Navin Ramgoolam has warned that the country will be affected by rising oil prices on the world market.

"With recent events in Arab countries, the price of oil has shot up. We will suffer the consequences. It is beyond our control." This is how the Prime Minister has sought to draw attention to the new oil crisis that threatens the world.However, Navin Ramgoolam has assured that the Government will take steps to ease its effects. "We must find ways to offset the rising prices of petroleum products," he said.

This does not mean that infrastructure projects will be shelved. Head of Government recalled that several road construction projects are underway. The budget for this work is expected to rise. Government will spend Rs 2.1 billion in 2011 to Rs 7 billion in 2013.

The Prime Minister announced that the “Dream Bridge”, overlooking the harbour will be a toll road. Navin Ramgoolam reiterated his desire to bring the metro-light in Mauritius with the help of the Singapore government.

The Triolet Bypass opened Tuesday, February 22- it is a new road bypassing the village beginning to end of Triolet. It begins to arrive at Solitude Way Twenty-Feet, to the north exit of Triolet, at the height of the fire station.Long, 5, 4 km, Triolet Bypass has cost Rs 225 million.

The new road has five roundabouts. Motorists will win around a quarter of an hour compared to the old way  According to officials from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, this road is one of the more "modern" country. It has a layer of anti-slip and is more resistant.

The construction of this road is part of the Road Decongestion Government Program. It should greatly ease the traffic on the main road through the village of Triolet.

Anil Bachoo, Minister of Public Infrastructure, for his part, announced the construction of a new road linking the north to the east on the section Forbach-Bel-Air. He also mentioned the installation of additional speed cameras to fight with driver’s speeding.