Dual Carriageway and Goodlands bypass will be opened at Thursday

12 years, 6 months ago - 21 March 2011
Dual Carriageway and Goodlands bypass will be opened at Thursday
by Le Matinal
Both projects in the north, including the Dual Carriageway and Goodlands bypass as expected will be opened at Thursday by the Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam. The opening of these two main roads will greatly help drivers.

The first road, which concerns the dual carriageway between Forbach and Pamplemousses, aims to thin traffic density where growth continues unabated. The authorities believed that the only road connecting to Folly Grapefruit no longer sufficient with the growth of road traffic in recent years.

This dual carriageway will be very beneficial to northerners who suffer traffic jams, rush hour. Just for this work, the government has disbursed Rs 230 million.

The dual carriageway 7 km Pamplemousses Forbach is the first phase of the project because the government will also construct a dual carriageway between Forbach and Grand Baie. Which will cost some Rs 470 million in additional. Now freeway is extended the further north to accompany the flow of traffic that went hand in hand with the development in this region of the country.

The Goodlands Bypass project involves construction of a road about five kilometers long and 7.4 meters wide starting from the A5 highway (Daruty-Goodlands) and ends at the road B15 (Goodlands-Powder Golden). The contract for this project has been allocated to Gamma Civic, and the work cost about Rs 295 million. After Daruty, a roundabout will go through and rally Goodlands Grand Gaube. Another road will start near the Cottage and Goodlands Bypass, ending near Powder-d'Or.

The project aims to decongest traffic in the North to participate in socio-economic development and tourism. The A5 road is frequented by locals and by the general population.

The number of vehicles on the road is estimated at 9221, up 46% of cars, buses 9% and 23% of motorcycles.