An area of 10 acres reserved for driving schools

12 years, 6 months ago - 25 March 2011, Le Matinal
An area of 10 acres reserved for driving schools
by Défi Media Group
"Traffic flow has increased in the North. But traffic congestion means that the country prospers. The country also recorded many accidents and I have appointed a consultant to ensure the safety and he does a great job. We must ensure that a licensee can drive and control his vehicle. With this in mind we will soon have a Driving Centre in 10 acres. This is a project of the government and the private sector." Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam said on Thursday at the opening of second stage of Pamplemousses in Forbach.

“When Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam built roads, many voices were raised then to say do not build them. Now imagine the situation if the government was not built these roads," he said.

"If someone holds his license, it must be mentioned at the back of his license for a year so we know he has no experience on the roads. We will soon be allowed 15 points against speeding, seat belts, using mobile phones while driving and parking prohibited. The total loss of points will invalidate the permit. But if you are under the influence of alcohol, then you lose your license. Ben Buntipilly even gone to get a car rollover that will show people the consequences of not wearing seat belts. There will be a meeting with the instructors of driving schools. We must ensure that drivers know their vehicle control. We will also see a laboratory accident in detail to find out how we had an accident. Recently an incident occurred and after testing, we learned that the wheels of the vehicle were smooth. We will also have private gyms to see if the vehicles are in condition to travel on our roads. If we catch someone who gives 'bits', then he will lose his license. The government will move ahead with new license plates even if you have difficulty with."

“The number of vehicles continues to increase on our roads. "The country had 205,841 vehicles in 2002, 351,406 in 2008, and nearly 400 000 currently. Accidents happen and we cannot stop them, but we must reduce this number. The country recorded 18,222 accidents in 2002, including 158 fatalities. In 2008, 20,873 accidents occurred, including 160 fatalities. When comparing the number of accidents in various countries on 10 000 vehicles, the rate is high for Mauritius."

"Often, people dump garbage anywhere and after when there are floods, they complain. We should not throw anything into the drains. "

Navin Ramgoolam, also said that during his first term he had decided not to sign anything on behalf of the Mauritius Turf Club (MTC) and had put a condition. "I had him set up a fund to which it must contribute each year. The money from this fund is used to help the poorest of society. "He stated that the roads we build meet international standards."

The work of this new route, which began in 2009, cost Rs 227 million. Constructing the second segment has already started and will end in January 2012. They will cost Rs 249 million. In 2010, the government has spent Rs 2.1 billion for road works. We will spend Rs 5.8 billion in 2011 and Rs 7 billion in 2012. The ring road will cost Rs 6 billion, the Terre Rouge-Verdun Road, Rs 2.2 billion, the Harbour Bridge, Rs 8 billion. It will also introduce a toll system. The government develops in the country in the interest of the people."

Anil Bachoo has stressed that the Prime Minister gave instructions to decongest our roads."New roads will soon be opened. With the Public-Private-Partnership, the Government will spend Rs 26 billion.”