Black Sunday - Two serious accidents in one hour

11 years, 9 months ago - 13 June 2011
Black Sunday - Two serious accidents in one hour
He was killed just yards from his home in Richelieu. A BMW was cut in half at Belle-Etoile

A serious accident occurred on the evening of Sunday around 21.15 to Richelieu City involving a fifteen-seater van and a motorcycle. The driver of the van was moving in the direction of Port-Louis when his vehicle skidded and crashed headlong into the motorcycle was going in reverse.

The motorcyclist and his passenger were thrown to the asphalt lying in a pool of blood. He died minutes later while his passenger was seriously injured.

The van was found on the reverse path destroying paragliders, leaving the main road and eventually stopping on the sidewalk. The driver of the van, obviously injured, took refuge in the town to escape the wrath of the people.

A hundred people, armed with iron bars, began to go after the van that caused the accident. Other officers were attacking the helpless. A good thirty absolutely wanted to give a beating to the driver of the van, presumed guilty.

The motorcyclist, Matapulut Vicky, aged 26, father of two young children, was returning from his work with one of his friends. Vicky Matapulut was killed just outside his home.

It remains almost nothing of his motorcycle. She was on the low side of the road. The condition of two tires prove the violence of the impact.

An hour later, around 22:15, a BMW going in the direction of Rose-Hill slammed into a tree. According to preliminary information, the driver, Jean-Philippe Arlapen, 27, running on the dual carriageway, has tried to avoid several riders who were going in the direction of Port Louis and bore down on him. These have taken the double voice going to Rose Hill for the race. They were not arrested.

The driver of the BMW, Belle Etoile living near the accident too, has tried to avoid but in doing so it came to rest against a tree. The BMW was split in two, half the four wheels in the air outside the store Beryl Rose, and the other half on the other side of the road. Firefighters had to intervene to remove the car and this operation took more than an hour. At the time of going to press, the health status of the latter was considered very serious.