Chamarel - bus brakes failed

12 years, 5 months ago - 15 April 2011
Chamarel - bus brakes failed
They thought to take advantage of school holidays to make a relaxing and educational output. Their bus ends up in a ravine with 62 passengers aboard, including the elderly and children three to eleven.

They saw the deaths of nearly. A bus of the National Transport Company has made an exit route to Chamarel. He ended his journey in a ravine, miraculously stopped by a tree. Some 51 passengers were injured. The driver attributes the accident to a brake system failure.

Taking advantage of school holidays, fifteen students of the 'madrasah' An Noor, located in Providence, wanted to offer a memorable walk in the South Island.

Accompanied by their parents, and various elderly, children, aged three to eleven years, boarded the bus to the National Transport Corporation, registered 2549 AG 95, at 9 o'clock. In total they are 61 passengers plus the driver, a young 22 years. Note that there is no controller on board for this special outing. The program is enticing: a trip in the Southwest. Stops are provided on the following sites: Alexandra Falls, Plaine-Champagne (for picking guavas), Gorges de la Riviere Noire, Macondé beach of Flic en Flac, then back to Providence.

Off to the throats of the Black River for a relaxing time. Passengers returning to bus destination: Macondé. Alas, the plan-expansion will not happen as planned. The bus approaches a U-turn, up to the Domaine St-Denis. Unfortunately, instead of making the turn, the bus is going straight. There's panic on board. The vehicle did not stop and drove sharply against the bamboo fence Domaine Saint-Denis. It struck two palm trees before ending his race against a tree.

It's horror, the screams coming from all directions. Blood is spreading here and there. "If there were no trees, all passengers would be dead by the time I speak." This sentence Davish Aubeeluck, the bus driver, speaks volumes about the tragedy that was watching the 51 passengers "only wounded." There were only three men aboard the bus. One arm was fractured, the other two, Khodabocus Fayaz, 53, and a leader of the Islamic school to help the extricate the injured driver trapped in the bus. Besides the scene of horror experienced, there is the wrath of passengers. After the emotion, tongues wag.

"If they have seen death very closely, say some, it is the fault of the driver. It was driving too fast on this road that wind of Plaine-Champagne and Chamarel indignant Fayaz. His stops gave us dry of violent shaking. If a person had had the misfortune to stand up, she lost balance. The bus was travelling at 70/80 km/h, even in the perilous descent. The passengers were shaking with fear. We all wondered why this driver was driving too fast, especially as there were many young children and elderly people on board, "he adds red with anger.

"I remember after the Gorges de la Rivière Noire, the driver had in a while, stopped his car to 'play' the accelerator while the bus was stopped, recounts still our party. We wondered: “Was the bus braking sake?" A few minutes later, they have the answer to their question, but too late."The bus was speeding when he took the U-turn '. I saw the bus right in the darken bamboo. I was thrown forward. It seemed that the bus flying through the dam bamboo plant before pulling over to stop against a tree ", says the chairman of the 'madrasa'.

Subsequently, 47 wounded will be taken to hospital Jawaharlal Nehru, in Rose-Belle, five others will be taken to the hospital Dr. Yves Cantin Black River, before being transferred to Victoria Hospital in Candos. Mariam Bibi Sudally, 65, residing in Great Retreat, suffered a broken foot and other injuries. At Victoria Hospital where we met, sitting in her wheelchair, she told us: "Since I entered the bus, I was scared. The driver was driving really fast pace too ... "

The driver Davish Aubeeluck has also been injured. He has multiple broken ribs and injuries to the body. He denies that he drove recklessly."I have not exceeded 40 km/h, the bus was filled to 200%. I have not driven fast, especially when the accident occurred on a curve and a great descent ... "The young driver attributes the cause of the accident to a defective braking system. "I had a nice slow, there was no brake. I pulled on the handbrake, 100 meters before the accident, without success. I tried to downgrade but the speeds did not pass. The bus rolled to a halt, I tried everything to protect my passengers.

If I turned the wheel more, we'd all be dead at this time," he says.

Police are investigating to determine the exact causes of this accident. At last count, 13 people were admitted to hospital in Rose-Belle. Their health is improving gradually.