PM announces a squad of 50 bikers to control speeders

12 years ago - 8 September 2011
PM announces a squad of 50 bikers to control speeders
Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, has once again reaffirmed its intention to impose strict laws on our roads. He announced the establishment of a new squad composed of 50 riders who will have the role to monitor speeders.

"One death on our roads is one death too many," said Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, at the inauguration of the Bypass Schoenfeld (Ex-Railway Road) Wednesday, September 7 at Rivière du Rempart. It has announced a series of measures to improve road safety. "This will certainly be unpopular, but public safety comes first," he expressed.

Thus, Navin Ramgoolam announced the creation of a new squad composed of 50 riders who will monitor speeders. The Prime Minister also said that the police will soon be equipped with smoke meters and sound meters. On penalty points, the Prime Minister announced that drivers caught with a phone while they are driving will also lose points.

A road safety expert to oversee a Driving Test Authority has also been appointed, he stressed. "The Driving Test Authority will review the conditions under which the license is granted and will be supervised closely by Keith Lane, a road safety experte. ".

He also cited a project at a cost of Rs 926 million for road-Belle Rive-Quartier-Militaire. He announced his intention to reduce the number of deaths on our roads because the mortality rate is higher compared to Sweden and Australia.  "We will realize the Driving Education Centre for training of drivers and checking the condition of vehicles. 20 acres of land has been identified in Highlands about it. Know that I am against every principle of money to get a driver's license. Enn pei bizin rolled on principle. " 

Speaking about the Bypass Schoenfeld, the Prime Minister explained that this project is part of a global project that has been established to develop the road infrastructure in the four corners of the country. 

This can progress to Mauritius to promote economic growth and improve the speed of movement and security. "When a country becomes prosperous, there are more people who think to acquire a conveyance, he said. The numbers speak for themselves: the fleet of vehicles in the country increased from 255,149 in 2001 to about 400,000 in 2011, and the government plans to increase the development budget of Rs 5 road, 2 billion to Rs 8.5 billion next year." 

PM said that the Schoenfeld Bypass is not an end in itself, but it will be connected later Poudre d'Or Hamlet. By the way, he denounced the irresponsible actions of some flying road infrastructure and promises that there will be severe penalties for this offense. The head of government announced that six road projects, a total of Rs 30 billion, will be started soon. Among other things, he proposed Harbour Bridge and Phase II of the highway Terre-Rouge-Verdun. 

Speaking of the Metro-light, he stressed that it is a project that does not date from yesterday. "The former PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, told me he did not go forward with this project because "the opposition ti pe dir komisyon 'and because it has been unjustly accused." "The light-rail project will be realized with the help of Singapore, said the PM, and the model used is almost similar to that of the country. A committee chaired by the Head of Public Suresh Seeballuck currently working on the project. "